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What is advisable to do if you want your refrigerator live long.

  • January 26, 2014
  • 3 min read
What is advisable to do if you want your refrigerator live long.

refrigerator live longDo you want your refrigerator live long? Not looking for the importance of computers, TV-sets, washing machines or other commonly used household appliances in our daily life in modern life, but without a fridge is really difficult to live. If we are able simply to take products to the balcony in winter time, but in the summer time we have just throw them away, if the refrigerator stops working for some reason. There are some advice that, we hope, will help you.
The most important rule — do not set the refrigerator up close to the wall, the distance between the back wall and the wall should not be less than five centimeters. It is necessary to do, because the compressor mechanism should always be ventilated. Also, it is unacceptable to put a fridge close to a radiator or a heater. Current relays are arranged in such way that they turn the compressor out at a certain temperature level in the chamber of the refrigerator. But when it is heated from the outside, the compressor will be able to chase freon in tubes of the radiator to cool the internal chambers. It leads to excessive consumption of energy and rapid failure of the compressor. Despite the fact that modern refrigerators have a layer of insulation, it is advisable not to put the refrigerator close to the battery.
The ignorance of these basic rules leads to the reasons why we usually need a repair of a refrigerator. Nevertheless, modern customer service is always ready to help you with quick and high-quality recovery of your units.
Modern refrigerators does not need frequent defrosting. “No Frost” system is able to do without defrosting. There are also refrigerators with static evaporation system, that is way they need to be defrosted every six months. But if you are going to go from home for more than three days, it is not recommended to leave on technique – you never know what can happen, and when you return home it will be possible unfortunately to greet streams of water or an offensive odor.
The most common cause of the refrigerator’s breakdown is a problem with the compressor or rusted pipe cooling lattice. All of these components in the new models are situated inside the walls of refrigerator, that is why, if it is a need of getting to it, you will to disassemble the bowl. And remember, that with this work can deal only specialists.