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What is the feature of inverter air conditioners?

  • August 12, 2023
  • 4 min read
What is the feature of inverter air conditioners?

Conventional linear air conditioners operate in on and off mode. When the air conditioner is turned on, it works, and when the set temperature is reached, it turns off. The temperature gradually rises, and when it becomes 3 degrees higher than the set temperature, the device turns on again. In contrast, inverter air conditioners run continuously while controlling the compressor operation with an inverter. It smoothly regulates the degree of cooling in accordance with data from temperature sensors. This mode of operation allows you to maintain a constant temperature in the room, and the air conditioner does not need to wait for the temperature to rise. Thanks to this, the compressor runs longer and there are no sudden temperature changes. Inverter air conditioners have a number of advantages:

1. They are economical and almost silent in operation.

2. The main health hazard – temperature fluctuations – are absent.

3. The compressor has a longer service life.

4. They are able to work in heating mode even in severe frosts.

5. Reaching the set temperature is fast. However, inverter air conditioners also have some disadvantages: 1. They are more expensive than conventional air conditioners.

2. Repair of such a system is more difficult and expensive.

3. Electronics in such air conditioners often fail due to voltage drops. Let’s look at all these points in more detail. How Inverter Air Conditioners Help Save Energy Manufacturers claim that inverter air conditioners use up to 30% less energy. However, there is no independent data to support this claim. Such air conditioners are indeed economical, but it is difficult to determine exactly how much. Especially in Jerusalem air conditioning where it is very hot in summer, and in winter the temperature can drop to 0, -2. Therefore, the energy efficiency of the inverter air conditioner in this case will not be a big advantage, since the payback of such a system can take a long time. Low noise level is what makes inverter air conditioners ideal for a relaxing holiday Usually, the main source of noise is the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, not the indoor unit. Even a cheap inverter air conditioner model can make sounds. Therefore, the low noise level cannot be considered a very significant advantage. Guaranteed Even Cooling with an Inverter Air Conditioner Inverter air conditioners can indeed maintain room temperature smoothly, but this advantage works effectively in rooms where the doors are rarely opened. Technology of the Future: Why Inverter Air Conditioners are the Most Durable Manufacturers claim that inverter air conditioners have twice the lifespan of 8 to 15 years. However, this guarantee is only for the compressor and not for all elements of the system. If you look at this issue in more detail, it becomes clear that compressors are durable elements without an inverter. Of course, it is important to choose parts from reliable manufacturers. A more significant impact on the service life of the inverter device is the presence of a power electronic circuit, which is sensitive to voltage drops and often fails. In this case, repairs can be costly and time consuming. However, to avoid breakdowns, you can use voltage stabilizers. Survive the winter without problems: Why inverter air conditioners and low temperatures are the perfect combination Many people think that heating in inverter air conditioners comes from a heating element. In fact, a different mode of freon operation is used, and the external unit performs the function of an evaporator. When the temperature drops, the drain system and the condenser may freeze, causing a malfunction. Conventional air conditioners can operate in heating mode at temperatures up to 5 degrees below zero, while inverter air conditioners can operate up to 15 degrees, and sometimes even lower. Even in severe frosts, they are able to reliably heat the room. Inverter systems are suitable for those who plan to live in one place for a long time and need space heating in winter. If temperature control and heating are not a priority, consider conventional air conditioners. Their cost is lower, and repairs will be cheaper than repairing inverter air conditioners.