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Normande washing machine repair in jerusalem

  • June 26, 2023
  • 7 min read
Normande washing machine repair in jerusalem

Top 7 Reasons Why Washing Normande Machines Fail

  1. The machine did not turn on
    If a problem with the machine arose right at the start, and you simply cannot get involved in the process, then take a closer look at exactly at what stage the technician went on strike.

The machine does not turn on the network or the washing machine does not start? If it does not respond to the on / off button, there may be a problem in the electrical circuit. The contacts could disperse or oxidize, the wiring could break, and so on.

If there is no reaction when starting the wash, there are several options:

the door is not tightly closed, and the electronics does not give the command to start washing;
the electronic module itself has broken, so it cannot issue commands;
the problem is in the engine, and the engine needs to be repaired or replaced.
An accurate “diagnosis” can only be made by a household appliance repairman.

Washing machine broke down

  1. Water is not collected
    The machine turned on the network, blinked merrily with lights on the device panel and did not even think about getting water? Maybe you just don’t have water! For example, they just turned it off, but you didn’t notice.

This is one of the reasons, but in general there are also several options:

the water supply tap to the washing machine is closed;
the inlet hose is twisted;
the door does not fit snugly, and the electronic module did not give the command to draw water;
the filter is clogged, which does not allow the smallest particles of dust and scale from the water supply.
It is easy to clean the filter yourself: unscrew the drain hose, pick up the filter with pliers, rinse and return to its place. If it is already so old and terrible that it cannot be washed in any way, it may be time to replace the filter with a new one. If these simple manipulations did not help, call the master, the matter is much more serious.

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  1. Water does not heat up
    The fact that the water in the machine does not heat up can be detected at different stages of washing. Smart modern technology will not start washing until the water is heated to the desired temperature. Simpler machines will work through the program from and to, but the laundry will remain cold and not washed too well.

There are usually two reasons:

the heating element (the so-called heating element) has broken;
the electronic module that controls the temperature regime has broken.
We note right away that the failure of the heating element is the most common reason that the machine does not want to heat the water. What is better – to change the heating element or try to descale it – only an experienced “serviceman” will tell you. Independent replacement of the heating element can be carried out only if you already have experience in such repair work (moreover, the replacement instructions for different brands or models can vary greatly).

  1. The drum does not rotate
    Washing machine drum does not rotate

With washing, nothing will work today if the drum does not rotate in the machine. Why doesn’t it rotate?

Again, here you need to look at what stage it stopped rotating.

If it didn’t start at all today, then the matter may be in the electrical circuit or in the module that sends commands for washing.

If the drum stops in the middle of a wash, it means that this wash turned out to be too stressful for it.

And in the truest sense of the word – usually the drum stops in the middle of washing due to damage caused by overload.

So to speak, the last straw in the patience of the machine.

Any of the components can fail:

broken washing machine belt
the seal is broken;
the bearing is broken
the drum support broke;
the drum spring has broken;
pulley broke;
the engine broke down;
the electronic module is broken.
The most common case is a drum bearing failure. The prospect of further repairs largely depends on whether your tank is collapsible or non-collapsible. If it is non-separable, you will have to change the entire drum assembly, which will result in 40-50 percent of the cost of a new machine. If it is collapsible (for example, as in Zanussi and ARDO), then everything is simpler. Just replace the worn part.

Although, there are home craftsmen who will undertake to cut even a soldered drum from INDESIT or Ariston, get to the bearings and then twist the drum body back. And it does work! But, if you are not a professional repairman, and not even a car mechanic, then it’s better not to try it yourself – call a specialist.

  1. Water flows out
    In general, if water is leaking somewhere from the machine, this does not mean that it will not wash. It is important to understand where exactly and what exactly can leak. Then you can choose adequate methods to deal with this scourge.

Reasons for water leaks:

torn (burst) hose – inlet or drain;
clogged powder container;
loose fitting rubber cuff;
leaky tank;
worn seal;
broken pump.
It is not difficult to change the hose for a new one yourself – just buy exactly the same one. It is also easy to rinse the powder container. If the rubber cuff does not fit snugly, first wipe with a nail polish remover. Over the years, the rubber becomes more slippery from water and powder, so the grip of the surfaces becomes less strong. You understood everything about the tank and the stuffing box from the previous paragraph – depending on which drum you have (collapsible or not collapsible). If the pump breaks down, call the master, since repairing and replacing this unit is a very time-consuming task.

Washing machine won’t drain

  1. Water does not drain
    But if at some stage of washing the water stopped draining, then you will have to wash the laundry manually. It can stop draining at any stage: after soaking, after washing, after rinsing before spinning.

There can be many reasons for this:

pinched drain hose;
clogged drain pump;
clogged pipe;
broken drain pump;
blown fuse.
The last reason should be mentioned separately. A very part of the machine knocks out just at the moment when the machine starts spinning at high speeds. Automation may consider that this is too much load with today’s network parameters. Moreover, in the rest of the apartment, the light can burn – depending on how the load was laid out during the installation of the machines. Check and turn on the machine if it is turned off. All other causes (except for a pinched hose) require the intervention of a professional.

  1. Machine does not spin
    It also happens that the machine seems to have washed everything as it should, and drained the water, but the spin cycle does not start. Here it does not start – and that’s it!

There are also several reasons:

disabled spin on the control panel;
the tank is overloaded;
water has not drained completely;
the tachometer is broken;
the electronic module is broken;
the engine broke down.
With an overloaded tank, we do this: we stop the wash, unload the drum, wring out the washed laundry in two passes. If the water, however, has not completely drained, we act as described in the previous paragraph. But we don’t touch the module and the engine ourselves – these are complex structures that do not forgive any careless movements. Whether to change the engine, repair or buy a new machine – decide after consulting with the master 24