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AEG washing machine repair and maintenance in Jerusalem

  • January 29, 2024
  • 5 min read
AEG washing machine repair and maintenance in Jerusalem

Malfunctions of AEG washing machines
Repair of AEG washing machines (AEG) is required extremely rarely due to the high quality of German assembly.

However, external factors have not been canceled: power surges, problems with plumbing, hard water, etc. Therefore, even such good washing machines as AEG can break down.

Malfunctions of AEG washing machines
Causes and symptoms of major breakdowns of AEG brand SMs
Incorrect operation;
Manufacturing defects;
Force Majeure.
All these factors can cause a breakdown, as a result of which the heating element or control module can burn out.

The most common failures of the AEG SM include the following:
There is water in the drum, the washing machine does not wash.
The water does not warm up to the required temperatures. The laundry is not washed due to cold water, or the wash does not start at all.
When you rotate the drum with the SM turned off, you hear a grinding or knocking noise.
No water flows into the drum.
During operation, unnecessary sounds are heard.
Knocks out the machine, RCD, traffic jams.
Water constantly flows into the drum.
Many of these failures are caused by the following faults:
The heating element has failed.
The temperature sensor has burned out.
The electronic control module (controller) is broken.
The drain pump has broken down.
Self-diagnosis of AEG breakdowns
If the machine starts to work abnormally, then you can try to figure out what’s wrong on your own. If your model has an electronic display, then an error code should appear on it: E11 (C1), E21 (C3, C4), E61 (C7), E71 (C8), E74, EC1, CF (T90).

Let’s look at what these alphanumeric combinations mean below.

Error code Cause of occurrence
E11 (C1) No water flows into the tank, which may be caused by a broken fill valve.
E21 (and also C3 or C4 for some models) Waste water is retained in the tank for a long time. This may be caused by a pump failure or, less commonly, an electronic module failure.
E61 (in some models – C7) The water does not warm up to the indicated t. For example, you set the wash to 50 degrees, but the water remains cold. Often this means a breakdown of the heating element.
E71 (C8) Incorrect temperature sensor resistance readings. The problem could be either the temperature sensor or the heating element (but this is less common).
E74 The temperature sensor is displaced, the wiring has come loose.
EC1 Fill valve blocked. There are two options: either the problem is in the valve itself, or the control module has failed.
CF (T90) Always indicates a failure of the electronic controller (module, board).
Important! Error E61 (C7) can only be seen by turning on the self-diagnosis mode!

There are a lot of models of AEG washing machines, so the list of errors can be huge. We propose to consider the most common ones.

How to self-diagnosis an AEG machine
Due to the fact that some codes only appear in diagnostic mode, we will explain how to do it:

Turn the program selector to the “OFF” (AUS) position, this will cancel the previously started washing program. Unplug the machine.
Press and hold two buttons at once: “Start/Start” (Pause) and “Exit”.
Turn on the SM and turn the programmer wheel 1 notch to the right.
Press the buttons from point 2 together again and hold until you see an error code appear on the display.
Leaving the test mode is simple: turn on, turn off and turn on the machine.

Do-it-yourself AEG machine repair: we fix major breakdowns
Having determined what the fault codes mean, you can begin repairs yourself or call a specialist. If you are a brave craftsman with experience, feel free to start repair work: it will not cause you any particular difficulties. Well, if you don’t have time to understand the intricacies of repairs, it’s better to invite a specialist.

The heating element in the AEG machine has failed: what to do?
This is relevant when errors E61 (C7), E71 (C8) are detected

Follow this action plan to remove the old heating element from the machine and replace it with a new one:

Order/buy/find an original heating element.
The heating element in the AEG machine failed
Carefully inspect the back cover of the washing machine. Look for a modest-sized hatch for technological purposes. If it is there, then you can be sure that the heating element is in the front. If the hatch is not detected, then the developers placed the heating element at the back. If you are a little in doubt, first disassemble the case from the back (it is easier to do there).
Malfunctions of AEG washing machines
Having found access to the heating element, armed with a multimeter (tester), check it. If the node is working properly, the readings should be 30 ohms.
The heating element in the AEG machine failed
If you find a malfunction, get rid of the useless part. To do this, find a large bolt in the center and remove it. Afterwards, free the heating element from the contacts and sensors.
Malfunctions of AEG washing machines
Carefully! When removing the temperature sensor, do not pull it sharply towards you. There is a tab at the top that you need to press to quickly remove the sensor from the hole.