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Bosch washing machine repair in Jerusalem

  • May 27, 2024
  • 4 min read
Bosch washing machine repair in Jerusalem

Bosch washing machines offer reliable performance. Like many German equipment, they can serve for decades. However, sometimes Bosch also fails. Since 2011, technicians have repaired thousands of washing machines of this brand. Here are the “weak points” of machines of this brand.

Heating element malfunction
Heating elements fail, as a rule, due to scale: impurities contained in water, particles of detergents, lint from clothes – all this sticks to the heating element, which reduces its thermal conductivity. Trying to compensate for the decrease with more intensive work, the heating element heats up “to wear out”, overheats and either burns out the coil or burns out its body. In the latter case, water gets on the heater coil and a short circuit occurs.

The washing machine does not heat the water or knocks out plugs immediately when the program is turned on. Codes F19, F22 may appear.

A faulty heating element must be replaced.

Pump failure
A breakdown of the drain pump is another nuisance that often happens with Bosch SMA. And most often – due to the inattention of users. Various foreign objects get into the pump from the pockets of things, causing it to “stick” or the pump motor to fail.

Bosch washing machine does not drain water. Errors E18, F18 or F03 may appear on the display.

The technician diagnoses the pump and:

if clogged (the pump itself is intact), remove the foreign object that is interfering with the operation of the unit;
if it breaks down, replace the pump with a new one.
Motor brush wear 
Bosch washing machines use commutator motors. The graphite brushes in them are responsible for transmitting voltage from the stator to the rotor. During operation, the brushes gradually wear out, causing the motor power to decrease. The drum cannot reach high speeds or does not rotate at all.

The machine does not spin the drum at all or cannot reach high spin speeds. Bosch issues codes E02 or F21.

The brushes must be replaced with new ones.

Malfunction of the control module (electronic controller)
The control unit contains the operating algorithm of the washing machine. He receives and gives commands to all machine components. If the module fails, then the programs in the Bosch washing machine are lost or the CMA does not turn on at all.

“Symptoms” of a faulty Bosch machine control board can be very varied, from “doesn’t work” to no spin. Here are the most common of them:

does not turn on;
programs do not switch;
the drum does not rotate;
knocks out traffic jams;
doesn’t dial.
The breakdown may be accompanied by errors F67 and E67.

Most often, the control board fails due to power surges or due to moisture getting on it. This leads to burnout of radio elements and/or burnout of tracks.

If the board malfunctions, the technician conducts diagnostics and, based on the nature of the damage:

solders burnt tracks;
replaces failed parts (resistors, relays, capacitors, triacs, etc.);
if the firmware fails, it unsolders the memory chip, reprograms it and returns it to its place;
in case of extensive damage, the control unit is completely replaced (for example, if the processor has failed).
Failure of the hatch locking device (UBL)
As the name implies, the UBL is responsible for closing the machine door. If the hatch is not locked, the machine does not start washing. The opposite situation also happens when a Bosch washing machine does not open the door after washing.

The machine does not block the hatch and does not start washing. Or vice versa, he does not unlock the door after the end of the program and does not give away the washed items. The malfunction may be accompanied by errors F16, F34, F36 or F61.

A faulty UBL must be replaced.