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The main functions of refrigerators

  • January 23, 2014
  • 3 min read
The main functions of refrigerators

When you choose any consumer electronics, you always pay your attention to its parameters and functionality. It is good, if you know what you need, but a lot of people are far from the technical features of modern technology. And what if you buy a fridge and at the same time don’t understand its functions? That is way, we’ll look at the most common functions of the refrigerators.
Freezing conditions need for quick -frozen products, usually not more than 2 kg. This mode is activated in advance, it means, a few hours before placing food in the refrigerator compartment. Temperature decreases with the usual – 18 to -24 degrees. After placing the product temperature rises a little, but with the function of syperfreezing you shouldn’t be scary. This function is very useful if you need to freeze large amount of fresh food and try to keep as many as possible useful qualities. During a longterm and weak freeze all food loses its taste and healthy qualities. It’s better to freeze food in disposable tableware and then it will be easier to unfreeze it .
Supercooling mode – very similar to Superzamorozka mode, but lowers the temperature to about 2+ degrees. It is commonly used for cooling products just brought from outdoors. This mode will help you to protect the products which are already in the refrigerator compartment and take care of working conditions of your refrigerator.
Warning alarm- modern refrigerators are often provided with it. There are different warning signals, sounds or lights. The signal is fed when the temperature rises in the refrigerator compartment till critical level. Signals can be turned off, which is provided due to its functionality.
Signal of an unoclosed cooler door. It is also very useful for many housewives. Sometimes runs out the kitchen we do not close the refrigerator door tightly, forcing him to work hard, which is not good for it. The signal can be audible or visual and it is fed through a certain period of time.
Storage even with power off – a very important feature, especially if in your area there are problems with power for short periods of time. This function allows you to save products, maintaining a low temperature. This function is almost in all refrigerators, except refrigerators with the system «No Frost», when there is no frost formation. This function depends on the ambient temperature, so the time to maintain an accurate temperature is not fixed.
Power freeze is the main indicator of the refrigerator. It is measured by the number of frozen products in kilograms per day. Usually indicated and denoted with stars or snowflakes. For example, a strip consisting of four stars, with one allocated indicating the minimum temperature – approximately – 6 degrees, and it is suitable for short-term storage of food. Two isolated snowflakes indicate temperature -12 degrees and it is designed for long storage products. Three snowflakes mean temperature -18 for a long freeze. Four snowflakes temperature -24 degrees, help us to understand that we are able to freeze a lot of food for a minimum period of time. Most models of domestic refrigerators are able to cool the temperature in the freezer to -24 degrees, which is four stars.
Now, when you know the basic functions of refrigerators, you can easily choose a refrigerator for your family. Do not forget about economical efficiency, energy consumption and the volume of the refrigerating chamber, chasing for versatility.