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How to choose a refrigerator — free advice.

HOW TO CHOOSE A REFRIGERATORToday refrigerators on the market are presented for every budget and taste. Buyers are able to choose exactly what they need. How to define what exactly is necessary for you? How is not to make a mistake and not to regret about it. The buyer should choose what they need it for. We try to understand and help you with your choice.
Firstly you should decide for yourself: what size of refrigerator do you want, its functions and its price. It is important to highlight the most important point for you.
So, we should decide upon the size and dimensions of the refrigerator. Take into account that you will have to drag it into apartment — that is why it is necessary to consider upon the sizes of passes, doorways- they should be of a larger size than the refrigerator. For standard kitchens, which are about 6 7kv.m — you should pay attention to the most widespread and common — sized refrigerators, that are 60h60sm are.  For the kitchen that is more spacious, it will be better to stop your choice on a wide and not high refrigerator, which will set you comfort because of a correct form and this fridge is much more convenient to use. If your kitchen is smaller than 6 kV. m — the best choice for you will be the size of 45 – 55cm. Such refrigerator is compact and does not occupy much space in the kitchen.
Further we should decide upon proportions of the refrigerating chamber and freezer. If you prefer fresh fish, fruit, vegetables, in general, meal that does not require freezing, certainly it is worth looking for standard proportion, where the refrigerating chamber is in two, two-thirds more than the freezer . If you prefer frozen products, for example semi-finished product and berries — it is necessary to pay your attention to freezer refrigerators. Also for the best storage of fish and fresh meat there are refrigerators with branches of zero temperature where products keep fresh twice longer, than in usual chambers.
The refrigerator is a complex widget which may eventually come out of order. Therefore it is more preferable to look in the direction where the manufacturer gives a strong guarantee.
If you protect the environment and yourself from unnecessary waste, pay your attention to the efficiency and the class of a refrigerator. The most low-energy, are referred to A class and upper. Also the expenditure will depend on the exposed temperature of the freezer. At a temperature of -30C, consumption will be more than twice higher, than at temperature -20C.
Consumption also depends on ambient temperature, it is better not to put the refrigerator close to heating apparatus. Pay also your attention to the noise emitted by the refrigerator. . If you care about the silence at night time, look for a parameter called “the level of sound” which is measured in decibels.
Modern refrigerators equipped with various devices increases the using comfort. This is an opportunity of opening the door for a long time , ice maker, child lock button and even screen frame for photos. You should consider whether all is necessary for you.
Selecting a refrigerator is an important step, because it influences on comfort, convenience for many years, and what is more, on your health and health of your family. The quality of products will influence on our life. So take it seriously. Pay attention to promotions and discounts in your city. It’s a unique opportunity for you to take an upper class refrigerator for the same money.