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Repair of Bauknecht washing machines in Jerusalem.

Bauknecht is a German household appliance brand owned by the Whirlpool Group.

Making people’s lives easier – this is the basic principle of Bauknecht, which it has followed throughout its history. More than 90 years ago, Gottlob Bauanecht conceived the idea of ​​using an electric motor to make his day-to-day work easier. It was then that the company was founded, which has become a tradition of innovation.

Bauknecht is your superb selection of home appliances, a guarantee of the highest German quality, durability, economical energy consumption and the most modern technology. Therefore, in the modern Israeli market, this brand stubbornly holds one of the first places, is highly popular among the Israeli population.

Bauknecht washing machines have a reliable assembly, but nevertheless, over time, they fail, there are problems that need to be eliminated. You should not immediately take on repairs yourself, unless you are a master technician. Dial the number our service center for the repair of household appliances in Jerusalem 24Service. You will be politely listened to and a technician will be sent to you at a convenient time for you. You don’t need to take your Bauknecht washing machine anywhere. The technician will visit you himself. We offer the most affordable prices on the repair market in Jerusalem and its surroundings, a 1-year repair guarantee. We provide discounts for pensioners.

Fault codes of Bauknecht washing machines in Jerusalem.

 Modern models of washing machines are equipped with a self-diagnosis system: with its help, you can quickly detect a malfunction, since the error code is displayed on the display. You just have to understand the meaning of the code and do your own repair.

Consider the error codes characteristic of Bauknecht washing machines.

 Fault codes.

 FH There is no water in the tank.

 FA The Aquastop function is out of order.

 FP Water does not drain.

F4 No water heating.

 F5 Malfunction of the temperature sensor or its wiring.

F6 The tachometer does not send a signal to the control module. Possible malfunction of the tachometer.

 F7 Triac breakdown due to short circuit.

F8, F12 Malfunction of the heater relay (heating element) or its wiring.

 F9 The water level in the tank has exceeded the norm.

 F10 Breakdown of the thermal sensor (for models with a spinning 1600 rpm).

 F11 Malfunction in the control circuit.

 F13 The water distribution mechanism is out of order. F14 EEPROM failure, non-volatile memory failure.

But the malfunction code is not always displayed on the screen. Sometimes the user notices a malfunction in the Bauknecht washing machine, but the self-diagnosis system is silent. In this case, an autotest program is provided. After its launch, all machine parts are tested, then an error code is displayed on the display.

 How to start “Autotest”.

The start of testing in a Bauknecht washing machine is described in the instructions. If you do not have instructions with you, then read on: Set the control selector to the “Drain” mode. Press and hold the Prewash button four times within 5 seconds. When a breakdown is detected, the autotest stops and beeps. In this case, the “Spin” light blinks, the display shows an error code.

Typical problems.

 Let’s analyze the main faults that can be found in Bauknecht washing machines.

The Bauknecht washing machine in Jerusalem does not spin laundry well.

 Did you notice that the machine began to spin things badly? DIY Do-It-Yourself: Check if the drum is overloaded with laundry. It is not necessary to clog the drum with things to the point of failure, because when washing they become heavier, which leads to poor spinning and imbalance.

If an imbalance appears (when the laundry gets knocked to one side), you need to manually distribute it evenly. Check for blockage drain system: branch pipe and drain pump. Parts are cleaned and installed in place.

 The drum does not rotate well.

 During washing, the drum began to rotate poorly, extraneous sounds are heard. Probably, a foreign object (coin, button, small children’s toy) got into the drum of the Bauknecht washing machine. You can remove the item with your own hands by carefully checking and feeling the drum.

To avoid such problems, check things and pockets well for small items that could cause damage to the washing machine.

A leak in a Bauknecht washing machine.

 Look carefully at which side the leak is. Check the tightness of the closure of the hatch door, as well as the integrity of the rubber cuff. Inspect the handle and door lock for wear.

Depressurization and leakage can be caused by strong vibration of the machine during operation. Make sure your Bauknecht is properly installed – it must be level on the surface. The inlet hose and its nuts are also checked. If damaged, the technician must replace the hose. Also the technician will remove and rinse the dispenser tray that may be clogged with powder.

Electronics problems.

 A typical problem with Bauknecht electronic washing machines is component failure. The electronic board is very sensitive to voltage drops, therefore, in the event of a short circuit, its elements burn out.

 How to remove and check the control board on the Bauknecht washing machine in Jerusalem:

 Shut off the water supply.

 Unplug the machine.

After unscrewing two screws at the back, remove the top panel of the machine.

Pull out the dispensing tray by pressing the release in the middle.

Remove the three screws behind the tray.

Release the plastic clips securing the control panel. Take it off.

Disconnect all wires from the control unit, remove the cover from it by pressing the latches.

Having gained access to the board, inspect it at the time of damage, burnt elements.

You can replace the control board with your own hands in the reverse order. But if parts need to be repaired, it is undoubtedly best to contact a Bauknecht washing machine repairman in Jerusalem. Electronic components are some of the most expensive in a washing machine and the most difficult to repair. Therefore, if you do not understand electronics, it is better not to risk it, but go straight to the
24 Service center. We work throughout Jerusalem and its surrounding areas.

However, all these manipulations for you will be done by our experienced master of the
24 Service center in Jerusalem. Just pick up the phone and dial our number. There is no need to waste energy! Professionals will do it for you. Everything is very easy!