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Installing a pool heat pump KT 10 in Jerusalem

  • April 21, 2023
  • 3 min read
Installing a pool heat pump KT 10 in Jerusalem

Scheme and principle of operation of the heat pump for the pool .

System Diagram

Heat pump KT10 for pool heating in Jerusalem

A heat pump is a device for transferring thermal energy from a source of low potential thermal energy (with a low temperature) to a consumer (heat carrier) with a higher temperature. A heat pump is a reversible refrigeration machine or an air conditioner that works on heating.

  • The KT 10 heat pump uses the energy of the sun by taking it from the surrounding air. Then, this energy is transferred to the water in the pool. Existing heat pumps constantly run water through a heater, usually located next to the pool equipment, and the water is heated. The heat pump timer can be set to run during the sunny hours of the day, for example from 9 am to 5 pm.

The unit contains a fan that draws outside air and directs it to the surface of the evaporator (energy collector). The liquid refrigerant inside the evaporator absorbs the heat from the surrounding air and turns into a gas.

  • The warm gas enters the compressor, where it is compressed and heated to a very hot gas, which then enters the condenser (heat exchanger with water). This is where heat transfer takes place: the hot gas gives up its heat to the cold water in the pool, which circulates through the solenoid.
  • The water in the pool becomes warmer, and the hot gas, passing through the condenser solenoid, cools and returns to the liquid state, passes the solenoid valve, after which the whole process is repeated.
  • Modern heat pump technology can efficiently extract heat from the surrounding air at temperatures as low as 7°C. This means that in tropical and subtropical climates, the pool temperature can be maintained at 26-32°C.

Installation and installation of heat pumps KT 10 for swimming pools inJerusalem

To operate the heat pump, all you need to do is place it near the pool, connect it to the pool water filtration system and electricity, provide drainage and free access to fresh air. The installation of a heat pump usually takes place during the day.

Pool heat pump connection diagram

Connecting and starting the pool heat pump

The block will work well in any placement, provided that three factors are met:

  1. Fresh air 2. Electricity 3. Availability of pool filters

Theoretically, the unit can be installed anywhere outside, provided that the minimum distance requirements from other objects are observed. For indoor pools, consult your installer.

All chemical additions must be introduced after the heat pump through the water flow.

By-pass must be set if the water flow from the pool pump exceeds the manufacturer’s specified flow through the heat pump heat exchanger by more than 20%.