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How to choose a washing machine

choose a washing machineIn modern world the main question that a buyer always has, tracking about the endless shelves of household goods — “What should I choose?”. The days when all you had to choose was between several models, that are likely to differ only in color fall into oblivion.
Nowadays the number of models of washing machines tends to infinity. But research is continued, and with each new model the number of functions only increases. So what should we do to choose a washing machine so that it perfectly work, but at the same time not to get lost in the new-fangled names and functions? We are going to help you.

What are the sizes and types of load?
Firstly, decide where are you going to get a washing machine, and only then, decide upon its location and choose whether to buy a front load laundry or vertical method machine.

Vertical load machine.
Typically, these machines are compact enough and do not require additional space for opening the lid. Therefore, if you decide to put the machine in the furthest corner, then choose only the machine with the vertical load. For forgetful housewives it will be a big advantage, because you will be able to open a running machine and throw in forgotten thing, or vice versa — to get something out.

Front-loading machine.
In this case you need a lot more space, because it will be necessary to open the door. But if you need more working area, the top of the washing machine will perfectly help you with it.

As a rule, washing machines are put in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in the hall. In Western countries for washing machine is assigned a special room where there is a constant temperature and no humidity. This condition is very important, because in the bathroom there is humidity, which negatively affects on the parts of the machine, in the kitchen — chemicals and food will not lead to anything good, in the corridor — plumbing and drain situated far enough.

The volume and the size.
Despite the fact that you like to choose a compact machine, you will have to take into account the needs of your family. The dimensions depend on the quantity of dry laundry that can be washed in the machine at a time. For a family consisting of two people it is usually taken a model with capacity of 3-4 kg. But there is a large-scale versions – 7 and 8kg .

Size classification.
Manufacturers classify the size of washing machines as small, standard and narrow.
The standard washing machines includes the following parameters: height — 85 cm, width — 60 cm and depth — 58 cm for the installation of such washing machines you will need some space, because end to end with the wall it is not allowed to install it — you must leave a gap of 3-5 cm.
A narrow machine will save space, especially if you are going to put it in the kitchen or the hall. The depth of such machines is about 32 cm.
Small-sized machines have 67h50h40 parameters. These machines can be installed even under the kitchen sink.

Brand of washing machine.
They say, that when we buy the washing equipment, we preference elite models. As washing machines belong to a class of home appliances that are bought for the long term. This statement is true, because more expensive equipment are able to be used longer.
Remember that expensive machine is not always an indicator of quality. It is better right away to consult the seller.
Of course, the main indicator of the machines ‘quality is the quality of the wash and spin dryer, regardless of the type of fabric. Also convenient sizes — during a laundry large amount of electricity is consumed, and the main aim of the manufacturer is to reduce the consumption to the minimum.

Another important factor is easy operating. You don’t want to open the dope sheet each time.
In practice, all manufacturer s give warranty on the washing machine. As a rule, warranty terms ranging from one to three years. But it does not mean that after the warranty period the washing machine will immediately brake down.

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