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Heat pump repair KT 17 in Jerusalem.

  • April 21, 2023
  • 3 min read
Heat pump repair KT 17 in Jerusalem.

Heat pump repair
The high reliability of the heat pump does not exclude violations of its operation in case of non-compliance with the operating rules. Dispatching the operation of the climate system helps to prevent many breakdowns, however, if a breakdown does occur, then a quick and high-quality repair will help to avoid the unpleasant consequences of a failure of the main link in the heating or cooling system.

The main malfunctions of heat pumps
From an engineering point of view, a heat pump is not a technically complex device, and the list of its malfunctions is not so long:

depressurization of the freon circulation circuit leads to its leakage and malfunction of the heat pump;
voltage fluctuations in the electrical network can lead to failure of the electronic part of the air conditioner;
poor water quality leads to fouling of heat exchangers and reduced temperature performance;
non-compliance with temperature regimes can lead to freezing of heat exchangers.
The most common reason leading to the failure of a heat pump is the lack of a monitoring system for its operation.

Diagnostic methods
Timely and high-quality repairs largely depend on a well-diagnosed malfunction. The main control parameters include the flow rate and pressure in the hydraulic system, inlet and outlet temperatures of all three working circuits.

The troubleshooting method is reduced to the analysis of all controlled parameters and the determination of the damaged area. So a pressure drop in the refrigerant circuit indicates a leak, and the repair of a heat pump for heating comes down to eliminating the leak and refilling the circuit with freon.

The main ways to repair heat pumps
As already noted, a heat pump is a very reliable device, and its repair comes down to a small list of work performed.

in case of scale formation in the heat exchanger, it is flushed with special liquids. Repair of the heat exchanger in case of defrosting consists in its replacement;
A common reason for repairing pool heat pumps is the corrosion of the heat exchanger by the aggressive components of the water used. The replacement of the heat exchanger eliminates such a malfunction, and to prevent its failure, water softeners should be used;
deficiencies in the installation of pipelines of a remote hydraulic unit can lead to refrigerant leaks, and the repair of chillers for cooling with such a unit consists in eliminating leaks and recharging the system with freon.
It should be noted that for the entire period of operation of NPO Vector there were no cases of failure of the compressors installed in the equipment, however, if this happens, then the repair of the compressor consists in replacing it. The exception is piston compressors. This type is repairable.

In conclusion, let us once again draw the attention of our customers to the exceptional importance of the dispatching system, which is installed on the KT 17 climate equipment repair.