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Normande washing machine repair in jerusalem

  • March 8, 2023
  • 4 min read
Normande washing machine repair in jerusalem

Top most common malfunctions of Normande washing machines.
Not sure why the washing machine is not working as it should? In the article, we examined 6 malfunctions of such units that occur most often. The text tells why the water is not pumped / pumped out or not heated, the equipment is leaking or it is too buzzing during operation.

Both “light” breakdowns, which were the result of natural causes, and problems that arose due to worn parts are considered. Read on to find out why washing machines break and how to determine the breakdown yourself. The article also talks about when the user of the equipment can fix the problem on their own, and when it is worth calling the workshop.

Washing machine does not draw water into the drum
If the washing machine (for example, LG FH0B8LD0) does not pump water, and the owner of the equipment cannot determine what is wrong at a glance, it is not necessary to call the wizard for diagnostics right away. You can inspect the device yourself.
natural causes
Lack of water in the plumbing. It happens that the owner programmed the wash on a timer, but the water was turned off. It is easy to check this – just open the faucet in the bathroom or in the kitchen. If there is no water in it, it means that repair work is being carried out nearby and you just need to wait until they are completed. You will need to stop the program and turn off the device until the water comes out. If at the same time things in the machine are slightly damp, then they need to be removed so that an unpleasant odor does not appear. There is a little water left in the drum or tank – the drain mode will help.

Weak pressure – because of this, the washing machine pumps water very slowly, so it seems that it does not draw into the tank at all. You can understand whether this is the reason in the same way as in the first option – open the tap. If the water flows weakly, then there is a problem with pressure and you will have to wait.

The feed valve is not fully open – it must be turned to the maximum “open” position.

The water supply hose is kinked. This is especially true if the machine is built into a cabinet or rack. If there is complete order with the pressure and the tap, it is worth looking for the cause in the technique itself.
no water coming in due to broken door

The filter is clogged. To fix the problem, it is necessary to turn off the water supply to the washer, disconnect the hose and check the valve mesh for filling. Before disconnecting, place a bowl or bucket under the hose so as not to flood the neighbors. Dirt and rust from the filter is easily cleaned. The main weapon is a good pressure of running water and a needle for hard-to-reach places. The mesh for thorough cleaning must be removed with pliers and rinsed under a tap.

The winding with which the valve is equipped has overheated. In this case, you will need to change it.

The water sensor is broken. The sensor is triggered by the pressure of the air that passes through the tube. Information about the pressure force settings is indicated on the body of the equipment or in the documentation. To check the operation of the part, it is necessary to connect a rubber or silicone tube of the same length and diameter instead of a hose. Then – blow into it: if clicks are heard, then the contact springs are working. Remember: before checking, the washing machine must be turned off, otherwise the heating element will overheat.

The programmer is broken – the “heart” of the washer. This is done in the workshop. Of course, there is an option to use a syringe with a liquid designed to clean the contacts, but these actions can lead to both the removal of carbon deposits from the contacts and the complete breakdown of the programmer.