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Repair Bosch washing machine in Jerusalem.

  • December 22, 2019
  • 9 min read
Repair Bosch washing machine in Jerusalem.

Bosch washing machines are household appliances that are in demand all over the world. They are of high quality and the use of innovative technologies to ensure the efficient operation of Bosch equipment. The devices have an ergonomic shape and are made of durable materials that can withstand quite large loads. However, despite the German assembly, they can fail for various reasons.

  Before repairing Bosch washing machines at home, you need to use the built-in diagnostic function of the equipment. It is present in all models of this household appliance. It determines the nature of the problem. Thus, the elimination of the breakdown will be performed correctly and without damage to other elements. Or simply contact the high-level specialists in Jerusalem by dialing 054-449-6323, or by typing the Internet address 24

If any mechanism does not turn on in the washing machine, the diagnostics should be carried out according to the following scheme:

first, the hatch closes to load things into the drum;

• the wheel for setting the program must be set to the “OFF” mark;

wait a few seconds;

• then the selector is set to the “SPIN” function;

• if the instructions are followed correctly, the “START” indicator should blink;

• the button “Spin speed” is pressed, while the finger should not be removed from it until the “START” button starts flashing again;

• further, the wheel scrolls to the right again, stopping it to the “DRAIN” mode;

• when the button “Spin speed” is released, you need to select an object for testing for serviceability. This is done by rotating the wheel. In addition, error E or another is displayed on the LCD panel on the control panel.

If it is not possible to start the error diagnosis of a Bosch washing machine, then repair of the electronic controller is required. It should be entrusted to the master from the service center.

In a Bosch Max or other model, individual parts can be checked manually. To do this, select the appropriate mechanism by rotating the wheel on the device selector.

To determine which item requires repair of a Bosch washing machine, you must adjust the selector to one of the following positions:

• 3 – checking the electric motor for the Bosch washing machine;

• 4 – conducts pump health testing;

• 5 – position for checking the operation of a tubular electric heater;

• 6 – the condition of the heated water intake valve is checked;

• 7 – provision for testing the serviceability of the cold water intake valve from the water supply;

• 8 – the selector starts the check of the liquid intake valve for the main wash;

• 9 – the reliability of the fluid intake valve is checked to start prewashing things;

• 10 – at this position sound signals are checked. In the event of a breakdown, a repair is required on the circuit board of the Bosch Max 4 washing machines or other models;

• 11 – the “Auto Test FCW” function starts;

• 14-15 – this selector position starts an accelerated auto test.

After setting the selector to the appropriate point, press the “START” button to activate the diagnostics. At the same time, the “SPIN” and “DRAIN” indicators will flash on the control panel. If you want to stop the program test mode, then press the “START” button, and then turn the selector wheel. And to exit the self-diagnosis mode, you need to set the wheel to the “OFF” mark.

Typical damage to Bosch machines.

In most cases, repair of Bosch washing machines, as well as other models of devices of this company, is required in the event of such breakdowns:

1. The tubular electric heater does not heat the water in the tank.

2. Bosch washing machine does not wring things.

3. The drain valve does not work.

4. Need repair door, which does not fit snugly to the hatch.

5. Cannot start the drum.

6. During washing, the drum makes uncharacteristic sounds.

7. Requires repair of the handle of the Bosch washing machine.

8. Water is not being drawn.

9. The engine does not turn on in the Bosch washing machine.

Most often, TENy household appliances fail. They can burn out due to sudden changes in voltage in the mains or drum overload. Changing the heater or any other part is not difficult if you contact a service center in Jerusalem by phone 054-423-1778. You can also find us on the Internet at 24 If, at the same time, the controller remains unharmed, it is quite simple to set up Bosch equipment.

The following error codes indicate the failure of various components of Bosch household appliances:

1. E02;

2. E67;

3. F01;

4. F16;

5. F29 and others.

Causes of malfunctions:

The self-diagnosis system helps to determine not only the nature of the faults, but also the causes of their occurrence.

If the waste liquid remains in the tank of the washing machine after washing, then this is most often explained by the following phenomena:

1. There is a breakdown of the pump, which is responsible for draining water from the device.

2. Drain pump or filter were clogged higher loads during operation. Therefore, parts, including a tubular electric heater, may fail. Replacement of the heater is required in several cases:

• the element has fulfilled its resource;

• the surface is covered with a thick layer of scale;

• overheating;

• the part burned out due to sharp surges in the power supply network.

In such situations, it is impossible to repair the heater; therefore, it is necessary to install a new device.

If the owner of the equipment is not sure that the problem is precisely in the heating element, then it is possible to carry out diagnostics using a tester. The procedure is performed in several steps:

1. It is necessary to disconnect the contacts from the heater without disassembling it from the washing machine body.

2. The tester is configured to measure the resistance of the device.

3. The regulator wheel is set to a value of “200”.

4. Tester probes are attached to the terminals of the heater.

5. If the display shows resistance within 20-40 Ohms, then the device is in working condition.

6. A value of “1” indicates that contact breakage has occurred.

7. The indicator “0” indicates the closure of contacts.

In the last two cases, replacement of the electric heater is required. It is located under the rear panel directly under the drum. There you can see the shank of the element, which is fixed with a screw. Dismantling and installation is carried out as follows:

1. Unscrew the screw with a screwdriver.

2. Remove the wires connecting the heater with other parts of the washing machine.

3. Gently loosening the heater, it is removed from the housing.

4. The new element must be installed by performing the steps in the opposite order.

Replacing bearings and drive belt.

One of the most difficult repairs is required in the event of equipment bearing failure. Because to replace these parts, you need to almost completely disassemble the structure by unscrewing the screws with a screwdriver and removing the panels. Therefore, it is better to entrust this work to our experienced master in the repair of household appliances in Jerusalem by dialing his phone number 054-449-6323. You can also refer to our website 24 In addition, to complete the work, you must have the skills to restore household appliances.

If the washing machine’s motor often stops, the cause is usually wear or damage to the drive belt. You need to prepare all the tools and a new element in order to carry out the replacement yourself. You can perform the correct work by following the instructions:

1. First, the back cover on the washing machine opens.

2. It is necessary to take a few pictures of the drive belt in order to remember the correct fixing on the furrows of the pulley. Thanks to this, it will be possible to quickly and easily put on a new belt.

3. You should grasp this part with your right hand, placing your palm just below the pulley, and then gently pull it toward you.

4. At the same time, with the other hand, slowly turn the pulley counterclockwise to prevent the pulley from being held by the device.

5. The drive belt is taken from inside the equipment.

6. Take a new belt without any damage and put on the electric motor. Make sure that the material fits snugly against the surface of the motor.

7. The belt is pulled so that it can be put on the pulley.

8. When the belt is put on the pulley, this part must be turned counterclockwise so that the tape is stretched to the end.

9. The housing cover is installed back and bolted.


 Eliminate the noise in the drum

If the Bosch washing machine does not wring out and does not wash well, then most often in parallel there is drum noise, rattle, and other extraneous sounds. They indicate problems with different components: shock absorbers and counterweight. To get rid of noise, it is enough to identify and eliminate the cause of its appearance.

Eliminating the noise in the drum of a Bosch washing machine in Jerusalem is the simplest task for our experienced technicians. You just need to dial 054-449-6323 or drive the address 24 into the search engine

Before installing new shock absorbers, the drum is checked, because a foreign object may be stuck in it. If so, then you need to get it and start the washing machine. Usually the noise disappears.

The problem sometimes lies in the loose balances with a loose mount. It is necessary to remove the upper or lower housing cover and tighten them. With heavily worn balances, masters are advised to put in new ones.

What to do with electrics, electronics and engines?

To establish the work of electronics, you should use a simple instruction:

• The rear panel on the equipment case is dismantled.

• A motor is located under the tank. It must be removed by first disconnecting the contacts and the sensor.

• The multimeter checks the quality of the sensor capacitor and electronics.

• If you find a malfunction of the control unit, you need to replace it or contact the repair technician at our service center in Jerusalem by phone 054 449 6323. You can also find us on the Internet at