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Repair of Gorenje refrigerators in Jerusalem

Gorenje is a Slovenian engineering company, a well-known manufacturer of household appliances. The headquarters is located in Gorenje.

The company started with the production of agricultural equipment. One of the ten largest manufacturers of household appliances in Europe. Approximately 95% of all equipment manufactured at Gorenje factories is exported.

In Israel, a large number of citizens also choose Gorenje appliances for affordable prices, high European quality, simplicity of design and durable use.

But sometimes, of course, there are problems. Then you need to contact a competent refrigeration equipment repair specialist. We invite you to call our service center: we work in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, the master will come to you at a convenient time, pleasant prices and discounts for pensioners will delight you.

You should not undertake the repair of highly complex household appliances without appropriate knowledge. This can lead to problems and subsequent equipment failure. Trust us and you will not regret it!

Malfunctions of the Gorenje refrigerator are diagnosed using special equipment. Previously, the nature of the breakdown can be determined by visual signs, observations of the owner of the refrigerator and the master. Technically, all modern refrigerators have approximately the same design, so there are no difficulties with repair. But still, it is better to trust the work to a master who has experience in repairing this particular brand. Our experts know all the malfunctions of Gorenje refrigerators, they had to restore their performance in the most difficult cases, so they will quickly cope with the breakdown.

What can happen to the Gorenje refrigerator?

It is impossible to completely insure the refrigerator against breakdowns, even with extremely careful and careful operation. The condition of the refrigerator is negatively affected by time, voltage drops. Even with reliable Gorenje technology, the possibility of manufacturing defects cannot be completely ruled out. Based on the applications received by us, we have compiled a list of the most common faults.

1. The refrigerator does not freeze. An unpleasant breakdown, faced with which, you feel discouraged and helpless. First of all, check if the outlet is working, if there is voltage in the network. If everything is in order, they look for the problem in the refrigerator itself. Be sure to call a refrigerator repair technician in Jerusalem. The old refrigerator is inspected for cracks through which freon can gradually evaporate. If the refrigerant level is normal, the start relay and the motor-compressor are tested with special equipment. It is impossible to exclude malfunctions of electronics – sensors, control module.

2. The refrigerator is very cold. You need to make sure that the thermostat, sensors, and control unit are working correctly. If the data on the current temperature is incorrectly recorded and processed, the compressor is not given a signal to stop operation, it continues to pump cold in continuous mode. In the initial stages, this delivers only minor inconveniences, but over time it leads to wear and tear and failure of the compressor unit of the Gorenje refrigerator. Freezing of food in the refrigerator compartment is sometimes caused by a sticking or broken valve that controls the refrigerant supply. Broken parts are replaced during repairs. In our service center, only original parts for Gorenje refrigerators are available.

3. Freezes ice in the refrigerator. The first reason is violation of the rules for operating the refrigerator – you left the door open for a long time or have a habit of putting cold food in the freezer. If not, check the tightness of the door to the refrigerator body – a worn or damaged seal leads to the formation of snow. The most unpleasant and difficult breakdown is the malfunction of the compressor unit, when it is not able to create the refrigerant pressure in the system required for a normal cycle. Compressor repair is the most difficult repair that requires some knowledge and practice. The technicians of our company are experienced and knowledgeable. Without hesitation, dial and call us!

4. Puddle on the floor. Check the joints of the drainage pipes, the correct position of the condensate collection pan. The container is inspected for cracks and chips.

5. The red light is on. When the red light comes on, it usually indicates that the temperature in the refrigerator is higher than the permissible level. Reasons – compressor breakdown, evaporation of freon, improper functioning of electronics and control module.

6. Loud noise during operation. Noisy work in refrigerators with Nou Frost is often associated with the formation of a snow cap. The fan blades hit the ice, making a characteristic squeaking, scratching sound. You need to turn off the refrigerator and defrost it within 24 hours. If the problem persists after defrosting your Gorenje refrigerator, you need to make sure that the fan is working properly. Sometimes the increased noise is caused by improper installation on an uneven surface. The problem is eliminated by adjusting the level of the feet.

7. Compressor does not start. After switching on, there is a growl, grinding, loud hum, and then a click – these symptoms indicate a compressor burnout. But the starting relay or defrosting system may be faulty. Compressor repairs are highly complex repairs that should only be trusted by refrigeration repair technicians in Jerusalem.

8. Electronic scoreboard does not work. If there are no power outages, the outlet is working properly, you need to look for the reason in the incorrect operation of the control module.

Operating a Gorenje refrigerator: malfunctions cannot be ignored – you need to immediately contact the specialists of our service center for the repair of refrigerators in Jerusalem. But sometimes users are reinsured and take the normal manifestations of the refrigerator for a breakdown. For example, muffled compressor noise is the norm for many models. Refrigerators with Know Frost work louder due to the fan. And the appearance of an unpleasant odor is associated, first of all, with insufficient care.

Therefore, keep an eye on your technique and contact only proven troubleshooting services.