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Currently, this Ariston machine is very popular among consumers in Kaliningrad. This is due to the versatility of the washing machine and ease of use.

In Jerusalem is our service center, contacting which you will be satisfied. A specialist will come to your house in a matter of hours. We provide a high level of service and give a guarantee.

Hotpoint Ariston washing machines appeared on the home appliance market many years ago. Today, analysts have nearly eighty models that successfully perform their functions.

Each new model carries an additional feature that facilitates the washing process or makes it better.

Among the advantages of the models of this brand, the following should be noted:

• high quality of washing;

• noiseless;

• safety of operation;

• ergonomic design.

With ease of operation and high reliability, repairing Ariston machines requires a consistent and accurate approach.

When Ariston’s Hotpoint washing machine installed in the bathroom performs its functions properly, very often no maintenance actions are performed.

And only when any malfunctions arise, attention is paid to the condition of the machine. In order to determine the nature of the breakdown, you need to imagine the mechanism of operation of the unit.

Initially, any model is designed in such a way as to economically consume water and electricity. Particular attention is paid to the consumption rates of detergents.

All these resources are combined in such proportions as to provide a gentle washing regime. Products from various fabrics are washed in different ways.

Washing modes are set using special sensors and control devices.

Self-repair of the washing machine should begin with an assessment of the malfunction that has occurred. Assessment is made by a technician who has arrived at the site.

When the machine works normally in all modes, but the washing quality is reduced, and the extraction is practically not performed, it is necessary to inspect the drain hose.

In such a situation, it is necessary to clean not only the filter, but also all the nozzles adjacent to it.

Even when large objects such as coins, buttons and key rings do not get into the filter, dirt accumulates over time.

If the cleaning of the outlet filter and hose at the Hotpoint Ariston washing machine did not produce a result, then you have to remove and repair the drain pump.

As a rule, threads are wound on the impeller, which are separated from the laundry during washing. This leads to a decrease in the number of revolutions and even deformation of the impeller.

As a result, the impeller begins to touch the casing. And this crack is perceived as a signal of a serious breakdown.

In this case, to eliminate the defect, the impeller can be carefully cut with a knife or scissors literally 1-2 mm.

The regular operation of the Hotpoint Ariston washing machine is largely dependent on the quality of the water.

Despite the fact that tap water is subjected to purification and softening, a certain concentration of salts remains in it. When heated, these salts are deposited on the heater in the form of scale. Scale impedes the proper functioning of the washing machine.

Over time, the heating element loses its original characteristics.

Water heats up more slowly and the quality of the wash decreases.

To correct this situation, you must either replace the heater or clear it of scale.


Bearings are considered the most loaded elements in the design of the Hotpoint Ariston washing machine.

The first sign that the bearings have exhausted their life is a knock during the spinning of the washed laundry. Be sure to pay attention to the noise! Noise is a signal that it is necessary to call the master!

Before starting to disassemble the machine and replace the bearing, it is necessary to exclude all possible malfunctions that lead to the appearance of a knock.

 The most difficult part in the replacement procedure is to press out a worn bearing.

It must be removed from the seat socket without violating the integrity of the drum. For this, a special mandrel or hammer and chisel are used.

The control panel of the Hotpoint Ariston washing machine is equipped with a set of LED indicators.

If a malfunction occurs in some unit, a signal about this is supplied to a specific LED. The panel in the new generation of cars has an electronic display.

An error code, malfunction, or warning message is displayed on the screen.

The electronic display module may fail for various reasons.

Often this occurs as a result of mechanical damage. It is very important that the technician installs a part that is suitable specifically for the model of your washing machine.

Ariston brand washing machine is considered a reliable household appliance. Depending on the model, its cost is quite high.

This means that if a malfunction occurs, you have to call the wizard from the service center. Years of experience show that the call of the master to the house has to be paid. You will be pleased with affordable prices our Jerusalem service center!


In order to extend the trouble-free life of the washing machine, you must follow all the prescribed procedures for the care of components and assemblies. It is imperative that you follow the safety instructions for using the Ariston washing machine.

Multifunctional Italian units from this company are considered very popular due to their ergonomics and reliability, but they can also fail. Failures in the SMA Ariston are rare, as the manufacturer guarantees the reliability of their goods. But there are several typical cases involving the replacement of failed elements. In such cases, the repair is performed strictly by a specialist.

The vast majority of Ariston machine failures are caused by their improper operation. Such an opinion was reached by the masters of services providing repair services. Sometimes problems are caused by frank violations of the operating rules, but do not discount the environment in which the machine is operated.

A well-known brand has found its niche in the market. But, like other models, the Ariston washing machine is prone to minor breakdowns, which most often occur due to careless handling of the device. The fact is that each element has a specific work resource. For example, brushes of an electric motor without replacement can last about twelve years. During this period they wear out and need replacing. A little earlier the drive belt loses its functionality, which also changes, for which it will be necessary to disassemble the washing machine.

The most common breakdowns include:

• the machine does not turn on;

• waste water is not drained;

• washing water does not heat up;

• the drum stopped spinning;

• during the operation of the machine, a crunch and a rattle are heard.

. The main symptom of this problem is idle operation of the pump, lack of water drainage. Typically, this problem occurs after washing, the machine does not drain the water to switch to rinse, or does it too slowly. Clogging may occur at certain points:

• in the drain pipe located between the filter and the tank. It rarely happens, because the pipe is thick enough;

• in the filter to drain the water. At this point, blockage occurs most often;

• in the pump. For a machine of this brand, clogging in this place is rare, because another filter is mounted in front of the pump;

• in the drain hose. A rare occurrence that can result from incorrect hose installation.

When removing the blockage, you must first inspect and clean the most accessible places. First of all, the drain filter is unscrewed, located in the lower part on the right, behind a narrow panel. Before starting to unscrew the filter, it is necessary to put a rag to collect the spilled water. After cleaning the filter from debris, it can be put in place. And turn on the machine again to check.

The second step is to check the drain hose. It is unscrewed and cleaned with a cable. After that, the hose is installed in its place.

If the problem persists, you will have to disassemble the machine to clean the pump and nozzles. A couple of clamps are released to remove the nozzles, and when dismantling the pump, disconnect the electrical wiring and unscrew the fixing screws. The following malfunctions are also typical for Ariston washing machines:

1. Failure of the pump and water intake valve.

By all indications, a broken valve for water filling is quite difficult to confuse with other malfunctions of the washing machine. When this element ceases to block the flow of water, it penetrates into the tank by gravity, even when the machine is de-energized from the electrical network. The valve is a very important element in the operation of the washing machine.

If you hear the characteristic murmur of flowing and merging water when the unit is off, you can be absolutely sure that the problem lies precisely in the valve.

To check this element, remove the top panel, for which you need to unscrew a couple of bolts. The valve is located at the point of connection of the hose designed for the collection of water, with the body of the CMA. First you need to check the gaskets, then – measure the resistance of the device using a multimeter. To do this, the probes are exposed to the contacts of the intake valve, and a check is performed. A value of 30-50 ohms should be displayed on the device.

The failed element must be replaced with an analog; it can no longer be repaired. The replacement process is carried out quite quickly if you contact a professional. You just need to unscrew the old element, and install a new one in its place, connecting all the sensors.

The problem arises with a failed pump, since such a part is quite expensive. A failed pump will show itself during the washing process, when the unit must drain the waste water, but this does not happen. At the same time, no sounds are heard from the pump, or it buzzes idle, and the murmur of flowing water is not heard.

It should be noted here that such signs are considered approximate and may well confirm that there are problems of a different nature. For example – refused electronics. And yet, first and foremost, you need to do a pump check.

In Ariston, it is located below, it is possible to get to it through the bottom of the machine. Check and change the pump must be entrusted to the master.

Failure of the water heating element:

The heater is considered an important part, which is responsible for maintaining the temperature of the water in the tank, respectively, and for the quality of the washing process. If it breaks down, washing may not start at all, an error code will be displayed on the screen, or washing will begin in cold water. Both phenomena should cause you to contact a repair technician.

It is necessary to deploy the washing machine, on the back panel from the bottom to find the service hatch, fixed with clamps and screws. Having unscrewed and wrung out the fasteners, remove the cover. Under the tank there are two contacts fixed in the middle. The screw must be unscrewed, then the heater is carefully pulled onto itself. At this point, it can be gently rocked in different directions.

If, however, the heating element burns out, it is changed to a similar one.

1. Failure of bearings.

Bearing failure – a phenomenon in Ariston is quite rare. But sometimes this happens, and appropriate measures must be taken immediately. Such a breakdown is recognized quite easily – in the bearing after its destruction, all rubbing elements emit unpleasant sounds, the shaft rubs against the sleeve, forming a working out. If you do not take appropriate measures and continue to use the washing machine, a play will appear in the drum, which will damage the tank.

So that the machine does not break completely, you should, having heard such sounds, immediately call the master. The main difficulty is that you have to disassemble the machine. Bearings must be removed so as not to damage the sleeve, to install new elements in the vacant space. And here, proper dexterity is already required, otherwise the repair of positive results will not bring.

1. The washing machine does not turn on.

Occurs when a broken outlet or a wiring failure. The first option is easy to check – just turn on another appliance. If it works, then disconnect the wire that feeds the machine and check it with a tester. If the wire is in good condition, it is necessary to look for a problem in the control unit. This is a more serious problem, involving the intervention of an experienced specialist.

The first thing that draws attention is the condition of the drive belt. During operation of the machine, it is subject to severe wear and tear. To such problems, you can add a gap or an increase, which is also not entirely pleasant. In each of these cases, the drive belt must be replaced.

It should be noted that the belt is not considered the only reason for this failure. A few more troubles can happen, connected with the failure of the electric motor, breakdown in the control unit, malfunctions of the electric wires, clogging in the filter. Each of them can cause the rotation of the drum to stop. Only an experienced master can determine it.

1. Failure of fasteners.

It may happen that in the typewriter the door stops closing or is tightly fixed. The problem should be sought in its bias, which does not allow the hook to enter the hole intended for it. To fix this problem, just tighten the door hinges. When wearing the locking tab or loosening the handle, these items are best replaced.

1. Repair of the management module, or its replacement.

In order to remove this element, it is necessary to sequentially perform several measures:

• it is necessary to disconnect the washing machine by pulling the plug out of the socket;

• remove the top panel of the machine;

• by pressing on the special latch located in the center, remove the box for detergents (dispenser);

• now the front panel is unscrewed, the clips are released, the board is turned off;

• the selector is removed, a new board is mounted on it;

• it remains to carry out the assembly in the reverse order and to check the machine for operability.

The manufacturers of the Ariston washing machine showed concern for the future owners of their product, providing it not only with modern functionality and a beautiful design, but also with a convenient system for self-diagnosis of malfunctions. The codes that indicate malfunctions light up on the scoreboard of the machine. For some models, a failure may occur if the indicator on the panel flashes.

The washing machine Hotpoint Ariston of the Italian manufacturer is reliable and of high quality. But some of its details sometimes become worthless.

Signs of pump failure:

1. The drain pump is buzzing, but the water does not drain.

2. The machine may stop during system operation.

3. Water flows out slowly.

Repair of the pump of the Ariston washing machine should be done as follows:

If the inlet valve is broken into Ariston, then water constantly enters the machine, even when it does not work, it is disconnected from the network.

To check the filler valve, unscrew the fasteners and remove items and remove the top cover. The valve is located where the drain hose is connected to the housing of the electromechanical unit.

Check gaskets first. If they have not lost their function, measure the resistance of the valve. Place the probes on the contacts of the filler valve and check the resistance, if it corresponds to the optimum (from 30 to 50 Ohms).

If it is less or more than specified, this means that the water intake valve is not working. To replace it, you need to unscrew the old valve from the body and screw in a new one. Be sure to connect the sensors.

If the ten is faulty, then it is necessary to replace it. Its breakdown is signaled by the fact that the water does not heat up or that washing in all programs takes place in cold water. Sometimes the machine gives an error and stops.

To replace the heating element, you need to remove the back wall. Under the tank there are two contacts with the fastener in the middle. This is ten. Measure the resistance of the heating element with a multimeter.

If the resistance is within the normal range, then you do not need to change the ten – it is working. To remove the heating element, you need to unscrew the screw in the middle and pull it towards you with swaying movements.

Water may not heat up due to the unstable connection of wires to the heating element, which arises from strong vibration of the machine. There may be no water heating in the event of a temperature sensor malfunction.

Take a tester or multimeter and check the resistance of the sensor when it is cold or hot. If the resistance is the same, then it is broken, requires replacement. Resistance should be different.

The high-quality and durable material of which the drum of household appliances is made also deteriorates, because solid foreign objects that can damage the assembly, forming cracks on it, fall into it.

A plastic rib inside the drum may deform. To replace the drum, you need to remove it.

Remove the drum from the device and disassemble it. Remove the screws holding the two sides of the drum. Pry the oil seals with a screwdriver and remove them.

The bearing may break and wear out in the drum. The specialist replaces it. This is a laborious and complicated repair.

Reassemble. If there is a malfunction in the plastic rib, then you do not need to disassemble the tank. The door of the machine is removed. A metal rod is taken, the diameter of which is smaller than the holes in the plastic edge of the drum.

The rod is inserted into one of the holes on the rib, the latch is opened with it, the plastic part is removed. In its place is a new plastic rib. Slide the groove with a plastic rib until the latch snaps into the hole and closes.

The LED indicators with which the control panel is equipped receive a signal from a faulty unit. The error code is displayed, reporting the breakdown of some element.

The control unit may fail due to mechanical damage, water entering it. Do-it-yourself repair of the control module by yourself can be done only when a small part is out of order or you need to completely replace the board.

In other cases, contact the service. Professionals will help you repair, solder complex electronic circuits.

It is necessary to unscrew the screws on the board or remove the plates with the key, depending on its brand. Remove the control unit by replacing it with a new one. Screw the fasteners carefully so as not to damage a single part.

Ariston washing machines from the Italian manufacturer may well be called a “model of reliability and quality”, but they sometimes require attention. Repair of Ariston washing machines in some cases can be done with your own hands, and a specialist should be involved only in the most difficult cases.

In conclusion, we note that repair of malfunctions of Ariston machines can theoretically be done with your own hands, especially if you have the time and patience. But all the same, in order to avoid mistakes and unnecessary expenses, it is better to contact a specialist because “avaricious pays twice”!