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Repair and maintenance of the Samsung refrigerator in Jerusalem.

The excellent quality of Korean equipment is not yet a factor in the fact that it will never fail. And now the time has come for an urgent repair of Samsung refrigerators in Jerusalem.

Sooner or later, great electrical appliances will fail. Although the warranty relies on refrigerators for purchase, it usually ranges from 12 to 60 months, but unfortunately nothing lasts forever. The subsequent state of its manufacturer’s devices does not bother.

Causes of refrigerator breakdown:

– the compressor burned out;

– start relay burned out;

– cable problems. (an electrical appliance is connected via a cable);

– problems with freon, there was a leak of freon;

If this happened to you, you need to contact the Samsung Refrigerator Repair Workshop 24master.co.il  in Jerusalem by phone 054-449-63-23.

Repair of Samsung refrigerators in Jerusalem is carried out right at your place, without delivery to a service center.

For example, replacing a compressor extends the life of a refrigerator by many years. Since the compressor is the most important part of any refrigerator. It is located at the bottom of the case on the back side. A compressor is the “heart” of a refrigeration device, an electronic module is its “brain”.

The compressor pumps freon. This gas creates a low temperature in the freezer. Thanks to its functioning, the products are cooled and frozen, perfectly stored in the refrigerator. If the compressor breaks down, the refrigerator is just a useless appliance in your kitchen that does not fulfill its main function.

In the recent past, the refrigerator, in case of breakdown, had to be delivered to a service center. Now, today, thanks to the development of the production of original spare parts, the latest mobile equipment, a technician performs the replacement of a compressor or its repair in Jerusalem right at your place. Diagnostics and repairs are carried out quite quickly: it will take from an hour to two hours.

Therefore, make the right decision, contact us. Dial the number 054-449-63-23, tell us in detail about your problem. It does not take much time. We carry out our work responsibly, in good faith. You will also receive a guarantee for the compressor installed by our technician. Pensioners receive a 10% discount.