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Elektra refrigerators repair in Jerusalem

We make precise diagnosis and Elektra refrigerators repair in Jerusalem for many years. We do everything professionally, efficiently and at the affordable prices. We do not charge money for the urgency.

If your refrigerator is broken, it does not freeze, turn on or maybe it leaks. Do not attempt to repair the equipment yourself.

Call our master at-home at a convenient time for you. We make free diagnostics and check-out it if you are ordering a repair.

Do call us at 0544496323

Replacement Elektra refrigerator compressor in Jerusalem

Any home appliances, including refrigeration, periodically break down. In the rating of the most serious breakdowns of refrigerators, the malfunction of the motor-compressor comes first. Therefore, the service to replace Elektra refrigerator compressor in Jerusalem is demand very much.

Usually modern compressors are not repaired, but they are replaced by new devices for compression and movement of gases under pressure. This is due to the fact that they have not dismountable parts, which makes their repair economically unjustified.

Determining the compressor malfunction by external manifestations

  • The refrigerator does not start, the motor is cold.
  • The appliance starts for 5 seconds and immediately turns off.
  • There are some clicks – attempts to start working.
  • The refrigerator does not hum, but the compressor is getting hot.

To replace the compressor, you need to call the master, as this is a complex process that cannot be performed without the knowledge of technology, experience, special tools and equipment.

Calling a master to home will save your time and unnecessary costs for transportation of equipment to the service center.

You need the help of the master if

  • Icing the freezer.
  • There are rattles or noise.
  • The door is closing incorrect.
  • Poor cooling of products or their insufficient degree of frost.

We make Elektra refrigerators repair in Jerusalem for of all of the degrees of complexity.

In addition to eliminating of serious malfunctions, we regulate the door, replace the power cords, indicators and lamps.

We repair and replace automation of all types: starter protection relays, indicating units, temperature sensors, defrosting power management modules, fans, transformers, fuses, and electronics.

We install filters, evaporators; we produce refueling with refrigerant; we clean capillary tubes from blockages.