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Bosch refrigerators repair in Jerusalem

The traditional high quality of manufacturing German Bosch refrigeration equipment does not exclude the possibility of its malfunctions. And then you will need urgent Bosch refrigerators repair in Jerusalem.

Whatever the manufacturer offered technically advanced kitchen appliances, they will still have malfunctions from time to time. Although all the refrigerators have guarantee when they are bought, in most cases it is only for 12 months. The factory is not interested in the further state of its products.

Possible reasons when the refrigerator does not turn on:

– the compressor burned out;
– the starting relay burned out;
– something happened to the cable through which the device is connected.

If your Bosch refrigerator of any model has a breakdown, call us at 0544496323

We make Bosch refrigerators repair in Jerusalem at-home. The master will come to the designated address on the day of registration of the application, with his tools and instruments for testing.

Here you can order the following services

  • Diagnostics.
  • Replacement of the compressor.
  • Replacement of the start relay.
  • Replacement or repair of the thermostat.
  • Replacement of the temperature sensor.
  • Replacement of the fan.
  • Restoring of the power management module.
  • Identifying and eliminating leaks.
  • Cleaning the drain.

Replacement of refrigerator compressor in Jerusalem without delivery of the Bosch refrigerator to the service center.

The compressor is the most important part of every refrigerator. Although it is mounted in a secret place – it is at the very bottom of the case from the back, but this does not deprive it of significance. If the electronic module is the “brain” of a modern refrigerator, then the compressor is its “heart”.

So, this device compresses and pumps the refrigerant vapors, creating a minus temperature in the freezer. Through its work the products are frozen and cooled, and they are safely stored. If the compressor does not work, the refrigerator becomes a useless electrical appliance in the house, and it does not serve its purpose.

More recently, to repair or replace the compressor, the refrigerator had to be delivered to the Service Centre. Today, through the mobile professional equipment, quality original spare parts and accessories, the elimination of breakdowns and replacement of the compressor in Jerusalem can be done at-home. In addition, it can be done very quickly, within 60 – 120 minutes.

Call us at 0544496323

We carry out our work in good faith. We give a guarantee to the installed compressor.