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BEKO refrigerators repair in Jerusalem

Today, BEKO household appliances are known in more than 100 countries around the world. The assortment of refrigeration equipment of this brand is wide. Residents of big cities are happy to buy refrigerators BEKO, as they have a large model range, reliable in use, durable and easy to care for.

The increase of demand for BEKO products in Israel, and the desire for comfort have made BEKO refrigerators repair in Jerusalem at-home a popular service. After all, even reliable equipment breaks down, and each of us wants to repair the defective equipment quickly, efficiently, inexpensively and at-home.

You will get qualified help by contacting us for all of the degrees of complexity of BEKO refrigerator.

Just call us at 0544496323

Inform your address and tell us as much as possible about incorrect work of your refrigerator.

Our master will come to your home with his tools, equipment and spare parts. He will produce a comprehensive diagnosis of all parts of the refrigerator. He will eliminate professionally and quickly the detected malfunction. He will explain you about the cause of the malfunction, so that in the future you could avoid such problems.

Typical malfunctions of BEKO refrigeration systems

All BEKO refrigerators are controlled by either mechanical automation or electronic units.

Appliances are equipped with electronics usually have a large number of functions, but it is whimsical and often breaks down.

Call the master and order of BEKO refrigerator repair in Jerusalem at-home, if you notice that something is wrong with the appliance.

  • The refrigerator periodically makes strange noises.

This behavior of the equipment is noted in case of its incorrect installation, in the presence of weakly fixed parts, large wear of some compressor elements.

  • The motor-compressor has started and does not turn off.

The refrigerator can do it if a refrigerant leaks or the compressor has broken down.

  • The refrigerator works after starting only for a few seconds.

This is either a malfunction in the operation of the compressor, or it is incorrect operation of electronics in models with an integrated control unit.

  • The back part of the case is slightly deformed.

Changing the correct shape of the refrigerator can occur due to gas leakage or due to factory defects when errors are made during assembly.

  • The refrigerator does not start.

Often the refrigerator does not work if there is a malfunction of the thermostat or compressor.