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Bosch dryer machine repair in Jerusalem

Bosch dryer machine repair in Jerusalem

Some washing machines often used for a laundry drying, but it is more beneficial to have Bosch automatic dryer machine at home. It is capable of doing more work, reduces the drying time to a minimum, also it has a good safety margin. And if the equipment breaks down, you can always call the master at-home.

To order Bosch dryer machine repair in Jerusalem, contact us parts being replaced.

Why do Bosch dryer machines break down?

Usually the equipment breaks down due to a number of objective reasons:

  • Factory defects;
  • Incorrect exploitation;
  • Normal wear of the rotating elements;
  • Untimely maintenance;
  • Power surges in the network.

Electronic control unit repair

Observing the work of the dryer, you can notice even a small problem, and certainly you can notice more serious problem.

Let’s say the drum has stopped spinning, the water tank has overfilled, the program fails in a few seconds after the start. We are sure that it is result of breaking down of the electronic control unit.

Here you can order high-quality electronic control units repair in Jerusalem at favorable prices. In most cases, the performance of the equipment is recovering immediately from the repair of the board.

The electronic control unit or as it is also called – the control module is one of the most frequently breaking elements in Bosch dryer and it is very sensitive to power surges in the electrical grid. It is responsible for all work processes, selection of programs and installation of operating modes of the unit. This appliance is technically complicated, and therefore it requires accurate diagnosis and professional repair by a master.

Bosch dryer machine repair in Jerusalem

Common defects

Among the common defects are the following states of Bosch dryers.

  • The drum does not rotate or does it unevenly.
  • The drum produces an unnatural sound when it rotates.
  • The drum does not work in the “spin” mode.
  • The engine does not rotate, but it hums.
  • Programs are not selected.
  • The pump is running, but it is not draining.
  • The water flows from the working tank into the centrifuge.
  • When the dryer machine is running, it making loud noise.