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Ariston dishwasher repair in Jerusalem

A small, but very important device – an electronic unit (control module) is responsible for the correct and harmonious operation of multifunction dishwashers. The similar equipment of the Ariston brand is not an exception. The start of the appliance and the selection of the required program are carried out using an electronic unit.  Masters, who engaged in Ariston dishwasher repair, convinced by their own experience that they are have malfunctions most often. Therefore, if the control module has fails, the dishwasher can be used only as a cabinet for storing kitchen utensils.

We repair Ariston dishwasher electronic unit in Jerusalem qualitatively, at affordable prices.

Call the master if the equipment does not start up or you notice that when the unit turned on:

– the tank does not fill with water;
– the circulation pump does not start;
– water does not heat up;
– the drain pump does not start;
– the drying mode does not start;
– all programs do not start or do not work correctly.

To contact us, call 0544496323

The master will go to the house at a convenient time for you, conduct diagnostics and eliminate the malfunction as soon as possible. He will give recommendations on the further use of the unit.

Typical malfunctions of Ariston dishwashers

  • The electronic control unit does not work;
  • A tubular electric heater has burned out;
  • Engine and pump problems;
  • Hoses, nipples, seals are damaged;
  • Buttons, fasteners, loops are damaged;
  • The door is locked.

Ariston dishwasher repair service in Jerusalem

  • Installation and connection to water supply and electricity;
  • Diagnostics;
  • Extraction of small foreign objects without dismantling of the dishwasher;
  • Opening the door of the charging hole without repair;
  • Replacement of the door lock and door sealant;
  • Replacement of the power cord, power button, mains filter, condenser;
  • Replacement of the heating element;
  • Repair of the electronic control unit (board);
  • Replacement of the electronic control unit (board);
  • Replacement of the water level sensor;
  • Replacement of the water leakage protection system and the doser.

Clean tableware and well-groomed hands are possible only if the house has a dishwasher and it is always in working order.