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Amcor refrigerators repair in Jerusalem

10-15 years ago, national Amkor refrigerators were at the peak of popularity in Israel. They were wide, capacious, with a practical mechanical control, reliable NoFrost system of freezing and cooling. They quickly and irrevocably won the hearts of many hospitable hostesses. Therefore, the service for Amcor refrigerators repair in Jerusalem is in demand very much. And although today this brand has a worthy competitor, many families retain their preferences to this day.

If your refrigerator has stopped properly cooling the products, has flowed or does not turn on at all – call our master.

Take the phone and call us at 0544496323.

Inform your address and tell us as much as possible about incorrect work of your refrigerator.

We make Amcor refrigerators repair in Jerusalem of any complexity. For the convenience of customers, all works are done at-home.

Our master will come to your home with his tools, equipment and spare parts. He will produce a comprehensive diagnosis of all parts of the refrigerator. He will eliminate professionally and quickly the detected malfunction. He will explain you about the cause of the malfunction, so that in the future you could avoid such problems.

Typical malfunctions of Amcor refrigeration systems

  1. Icing the freezer.
  2. There are rattles or noise.
  3. The door is closing incorrect.
  4. Water is in the refrigerator or under it.
  5. Poor cooling of products or their insufficient degree of frost.

It is important to notice that we make not only major, but also minor of Amcor refrigerators repair in Jerusalem.

  • In addition to eliminating of serious malfunctions, we regulate the door, replace the power cords, indicators and lamps.
  • We repair and replace automation of all types: starter protection relays, indicating units, temperature sensors, defrosting power management modules, fans, transformers, fuses, and electronics.
  • We install filters, evaporators; we produce refueling with refrigerant; we clean capillary tubes from blockages.

We have a high service. Professionalism, competence, decency and courtesy in communication are the basic principles of our work.

We do everything qualitatively, because we value the trust of our customers!