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Eleсtra air conditioners repair in Jerusalem

There are many reasons why the efficiency of Eleсtra air conditioner is reduced or the equipment is completely stopped. One of the most serious malfunctions of any split systems is compressor damage. As a rule, Eleсtra air conditioner compressor replacement in Jerusalem is the result of improper installation of the split-system units, over-exploitation of the equipment or factory defects.

Eleсtra air conditioner compressor replacement in Jerusalem

The compressor is an important and expensive item in the air conditioner. Its work is similar to the work of the heart in the human body – it pumps the coolant through the system. The state of the compressor must be carefully monitored and when you are detecting the slightest changes in the operation of the air conditioner – do call the master.

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Do not forget that timely prevention is the maximum of long-term effective equipment operation and minimum breakages. If, however, the compressor has failed, it will have to be replaced. The process is not simple, but always gives a positive result.

Course of action

  • The original compressor is installed in the split-system unit.
  • Replacement of the filter drier.
  • A vacuum is created in the unit.
  • The unit is charged with freon, and a liquid port is used for it.
  • Testing the operation of the air conditioner.
  • The final installation of the external unit is performed if there is absence of system malfunctions.

If during the diagnostics of the equipment the master noticed a change in the state of the oil (it darkened, acquired a greenish tinge, had a smell of burning), and the results of the analysis showed increased acidity and inclusion of small metal particles, the specialist takes additional measures to flush the coolant circuit.


It happens that Electra air conditioner works for years without any signs of malfunction, it is regularly undergone cleaning and diagnostics, everything seems to be fine, and then it stops abruptly turning on. This means that the parts of the compressor just spent their safety margin and it needs to be replaced or buy a new air conditioner.