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Bosch dishwasher repair in Jerusalem

What to do when Bosch dishwasher stopped to carry out some important functions provided by the manufacturer. For example it is impossible to set the drying program or set the start postponement. Failures have begun in the middle of the work cycle or the machine does not start at all.

If you accessed to our 24 master.co.il, then the problem is already in the process of solving. Probably it hides in the electronic unit. To order an urgent Bosch dishwasher repair in Jerusalem.

The master will come to your house at any time. He will diagnose, eliminate the malfunction in a short time, and your dishwasher will work as before. Therefore, don’t hurry to be disappointed in the chosen brand or product model. Household appliances of the German Bosch trademark are reliable, high-quality, durable. However, any mechanisms tend to break down periodically. In this case, the main thing is to know where to turn for qualified help.

Bosch dishwasher electronic unit repair

One of the most common and complex malfunctions of modern automatic dishwashers are the malfunction of the electronic unit.

The electronic unit (control module) is responsible for synchronous operation of all components of the appliance. This complex device, which consists of microcircuits, is very sensitive to voltage fluctuations in the power grid and infiltration of moisture. Sometimes the microprocessor breaks down due to mechanical damage to the board or due to a factory defectives. Whatever the reason which leads the device to inoperability, it will have to be repaired or replaced with a new module.

Most often, Bosch dishwasher electronic unit repair is necessary if when the unit turned on:

– the tank does not fill with water;
– the circulation pump does not start;
– water does not heat up;
– the drain pump does not start;
– the drying mode does not start;
– all programs do not start or do not work correctly.

We have all the necessary tools and equipment for repairing control units at-home, as well as eliminating other types of malfunctions of Bosch dishwashers.

We guarantee the competence of the on-call master; timely qualified execute of the entire scope of work; affordable price for all of the parts and services, high quality service.

We provide the free of charge consultation on further operation of equipment!