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Samsung refrigerators repair in Jerusalem


We make Samsung refrigerators repair in Jerusalem at-home. We repair in non-warranty cases, for instance, after the expiry of the warranty period or breakdowns caused by power surges.

Most often the compressor suffers from high voltage, and this is the most important node in the refrigerator. This device compresses and pumps refrigerant vapors, creating a minus temperature in the freezer. It is through to his work the products are frozen and cooled in the refrigerator.

If your refrigerator has stopped working – call a master, maybe the compressor has breakdowns.

Replacement Samsung refrigerator compressor in Jerusalem

A non-working motor-compressor is one of the most frequent problems of the Samsung refrigerator in the event of a breakdown, and it is the most unpleasant situation in the hot season. In addition to high voltage, the compressor breaks down from too much load and prolonged operation of the appliance.

It is possible to repair the compressor, but the cost of repairing it is almost equal to the cost of a new spare part. Usually, the owners of the refrigerator make a choice in favor of a new motor.

The main signs of malfunctions of the compressor

  • The refrigerator does not turn on. The reason is that the motor burned out.
  • The refrigerator turns on and immediately turns off, there is a light, but it stops frosting. The reason is the inter-turn short circuit, the winding breakage, the motor-compressor is jammed.
  • The refrigerator generates a loud crash during operation. The motor flew off from one of the suspension springs and, during operation, it beats against the walls of the iron casing.
  • The refrigerator works without disconnecting, but the air inside is not sufficiently cooled. The reason is the wear of the compressor, because of which there is no pressure in the discharge pipe, and the temperature cannot go down to normal values.

Anyway precise diagnosis and urgent Samsung refrigerators repair in Jerusalem are necessary.


When the first signs appear and they will indicate a malfunction in the compressor, please contact us. After replacing the motor-compressor you can turn on your refrigerator and enjoy its good work.