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Washing machine service in Jerusalem

Washing machine service in Jerusalem24 Master Service is washing machine service in Jerusalem. Our service center specializes mainly in the repair of washing machines in Jerusalem at a more favourable and reasonable rates, all over Jerusalem.

Quality: We are serious about the company’s reputation and provide a high level of quality. All work is carried out by the warranty.
Professionalism: The company’s employees are highly qualified and long-term experienced in repairing of household appliances. Our specialists will help you to plug into technology, quickly and to the highest standard correct the problem.
We carry out repairing of washing machines of the following manufacturers: Zanussi, Bosch, Miele, Samsung, LG, Ariston, Indesit and many other foreign brands .

Repairing of washing machines in Jerusalem

Today, in the era of rapid scientific and technological progress and rapid entering more and more new technical means into a person’s life, which makes our life more comfortable and easier, it is impossible to imagine an apartment that does not have a washing machine, for example.
The ease and convenience, simplicity and the off hours are the modern washing machines. But, unfortunately, sometimes there are situations where even the most reliable helpers break down. And it’s story not only about cheaper technology. The equipment of such brands as Bosch, Indesit, Miele also worn out.
Our experts have extensive experience in repairing washing machines of different manufacturers. In fact, the repairing of major appliances can be trusted only to professionals, because this equipment should be serviced only by the finest master workmen.
Our company produces the repairing of washing machines from any manufacturer. We guarantee the quality of work, and also carry out repairs at home.
Technique is a right hand in the house. Its merit, that we and our family eat hot food and our cloths are clean. We are surrounded by modern technology, and we can not imagine our life without it. When something breaks down, we have to search for expert quickly to repair broken equipment. Especially if the washing machine is broken.

Do you need washing machine service in Jerusalem? Call us — (054) 449-63-23