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Air conditioner in Jerusalem: pros and cons

Air conditioner in Jerusalem: pros and consAir conditioner in Jerusalem: pros and cons. Again and again the question: why not buy an air conditioner, harrows your feelings. After all, the price is not the most important thing, right? Split system with the installation is not very expensive now, such as a refrigerator or washing machine, which are more expensive. But you bought them at once! But what about the air conditioner…
Maybe the thing is a conservative view? Our grandparents used to live without air technology, at least in summer time. It’s true. But the previous generation didn’t even dream of mobile phones and the Internet. Also we use advances of technological solutions. May be if you want to buy the air conditioner, you need to change your views on the quality of your life radically. Let’s think about all the pros of such a purchase.

  1. Modern air conditioner is able to provide a constant comfortable temperature in the room. And you will not have to suffer from the heat in the summer or freeze in the winter.
  2. Every modern air conditioner is able to clean the air. It means: less dust and harmful microorganisms in the apartment. The air inside the house will be more useful than the air outside.
  3. Air conditioner in Jerusalem is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

For the sake of justice it is necessary to specify all possible” cons”

  1. It leads to additional costs: electricity consumption, maintenance, replacement filters. It may also include special provisions for the use of air conditioning: airproofed windows and doors, eliminating the effects of installation (redecorating, for example), etc.
  2. If you forget about caution and recommendations about the use of air conditioning, it can easily cause harm to your health and the health of your family (especially the elderly and children). The myth about provocation of cold and heart attacks by an air conditioner. We should understand, that we have not to blame technology, you simple need to use it rationally.

So as long as you are turning the pages looking for your “own” the air conditioner and designers working to create “new split systems”.
You can postpone the purchase of until till next season … or buy an air conditioner in the summer … it’s your decision and choice. If you are not afraid of the “cons “, and “pros” attract you, it’s time to choose and buy the air conditioner.