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Common problems with washing-machines

90% of a fault connected with washing-machine is caused by a person and only about 10 % happened because of wear occurs washing machines and foozles. Here are the most frequently occurring faults connected with washing machines:
In the highest flight – the drain blockages sictemy washing machines in remote places. Removing foreign objects from the tank of washing machines ( buttons, the bones from bras , coins laces and others ) sometimes even require partial disassembly for repair. Foreign objects can disable even the most advanced machine. After such failures it is necessary not only to repair the washing machine, but also the apartment downstairs.
Second best – torn handle covers (lock hatch off about after 2 minutes when the washing machine is off – for reasons of safety), hatches torn, torn cuffs, a broken button and etc. Third place – usage soap or too much detergent when washing children’s clothes – ten (heating element) completely enveloped, overheats or explodes with cotton or burns. After that, you may need not only to replace tena, but also overhaul your washing machine.
Also frequent breakage of a washing machine associated with overloading or improper loading washing machine. If the washing herds together into a ball, the machine starts jump during the extraction. Bearing parts will start to get rusty and the machine will start to rattle. After this recovery can be very costly. In some cases, such recoveries may lead to complete replacement of the tank and bowl.
Certainly unprofessional self recovery of your washing machine is one of the reasons for even greater damage.
To avoid this problems and make repairs as seldom as possible, you should carefully read the operating instructions for the washing machine and check the pockets before washing clothes … So, do you have problems with washing-machine?
Typical problems:

  • If your washing machine;
  • Stopped working with water inside during operation (not drain off water);
  • Don’t heat up water;
  • Overheats water;
  • Don’t drain clothes;
  • There is a smell of burnt wiring;
  • Don’t open the loading door;
  • Don’t taking in water;
  • Vibrates too intensive;
  • There is extraneous noise;