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How to choose a refrigerator. Israeli manual.

How to choose a refrigeratorHow to choose a refrigerator in Israel? Refrigerator is probably the third or the fourth thing that is bought right after moving to the new apartment. Shopping list looks like this: a cooker, an iron, a refrigerator, a TV-set, etc. This shows us how important it is for the human. Nowadays there are lots of different models in the shops, which differ one from another in size, design, manufacturing techniques, etc. But at the same time, there are many common parameters. All this is due to preferences of customers.
We try to understand the main differences between the models and how to choose the best refrigerator for you.

Dimensional specifications.
The first thing to choose is the size and the location of the refrigerator and freezer. It turned out that the standard dimensions are 60×60 cm with a displacement of 5-10 cm height. As for the high- all models come in a range 0.8-2 m. From this series can be highlighted such vendors as Hitachi, Toshiba, LG, Samsung. This Asian models, which can be small but wide. Usually it is difficult to find them on our market, but if they infrequently got to our shops – you should not buy them. In the case of breaking down it will be very difficult to find spare parts for them.

So, having understood the dimensions, we will proceed directly to the decision-making. It is believed that the height of the fridge should be proportionate to your height. And if it is much higher than you – it will be problematic to reach the top shelf, and, vice versa, if much lower – you will have to bend down, if you want get something out.

Number of refrigeration chambers.
Most of modern refrigerators are two-compartment refrigerators. Only a small percentage of one – or three- compartment. Three-compartment refrigerators are not popular because they are too overall. Too much space goes to the baffle. If you want an overall refrigerator ,we recommend you better to look at the model “Side by Side”. 
In two-compartment refrigerators the freezer is usually situated underneath. And it is less in demand.

Compressors and power consumption.
Two-compartment refrigerators are the main models on the market. They’re more expensive than models with one compressor, but it is more economical and practical. This is because each compressor serves refrigeration and freezer. And depending on the desired temperature inside the fridge, the time of the work of each compressors is different .

Energy class refrigerators are divided into classes, like others household appliances. The most economical designated with a Latin letter “A” with “+ “sign. It is commonly believed that the difference between the classes in energy consumption is about 10 %.