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Air conditioning service in Israel

Air conditioning service in IsraelAir conditioning service in Israel.  Air conditioner is very important part of life in Israel. All people in Israel know it. Air conditioning servicing is a necessary work, not looking for the brand of the equipment or its guarantee. Cheap air conditioners usually break down after 2-3 years of exploitation. Even the highest quality products are not durable, if you don’t handle your air conditioner. The difference may be that expensive conditioners have a special protection system from improper usage, but service for this type of home appliances is still required .

The air conditioner consists of two units: an indoor and an outdoor blocks, and the circulation of refrigerant oil is made through pipes made of copper. This also indicates that there may be the failure.

Now carry over the possible types of failure for consideration and try to find the remedy for it.
1. Air conditioners’ filter is often polluted. This is normal, because the air filter cleans itself from different kinds of dust. It also protects the internal inside desiccator, which is very important for stable operation of the air conditioner.
The pollution of filter may not seem to be a serious problem, but it leads to a number of subsequent problems. It leads to a stoppage in the cooling system and, as a result, the air conditioner does not cool or begins to work with a severe load. This is not the eventual result. In the following it affects on the drainage arrangement and the water is not removed from the air conditioner. The leak of water begins onto the wall. However, all this can be prevented by cleaning of the filter in time. So, that is way you should follow an instruction and wash the filter with warm water.
2 .There is often a leak of freon, which is not pleasant for the owner of the home. Firstly, the cooling system is not working as before. The leakage is inevitable because the copper pipes are not always be reliable. You must consult a specialist if you want to fix this problem.
3 .Air conditioning is usually turned on for heating in the room in the winter time. However, it is strictly not recommended to turn it on at low temperature when it is warm. It leads to the fact that the ice is formed inside the compressor blades and block a non-evaporable refrigerant which leads to a hydraulic shock.

So, for reliability of service, the conditioner filters must be cleaned regularly, call out professional services, if a leak is found out and do not use a set of cheap winter air conditioners at low winter temperatures.