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Tornado air conditioners repair in Jerusalem

Tornado conditioners have a wide range of models, they are represented by a large number of solutions – with different designs, characteristics, outputs, sizes.

The products of the Israeli Tornado company are really diverse and it is in demand. Today, the air-conditioning system of this brand is effectively used in homes, offices, shopping halls of state institutions. And when you need to fix your appliance, you can always order Tornado air conditioners repair in Jerusalem at affordable prices.

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The basic malfunctions of Tornado conditioners

Tornado split-systems are economic, reliable, easy to use, have a full set of typical functions. The electronic “brain” is represented by the control board monitors checks out of the selected function and the energy consumption.

Failures in the operation of the air conditioner can occur due to malfunctions in the electronics or electric parts of the equipment.

  • Wire has been unsoldered.
  • Part in the electrical control board is burned.
  • The remote control element has broken.
  • The programming system is broken.
  • Sensors, fans and other automation elements are defective.

The breakdowns of the main units and equipment components lead to the result of incorrect work and the stop of working of the air conditioner.

  • The expansion valve has broken.
  • Cracks or loose connections in the contour have appeared.
  • The valves worn out.
  • The compressor has failed.

If the problem is detected in time, it will be much easier and cheaper to eliminate it. Therefore, if you notice the slightest changes in the operation of the split system, it is better to contact a specialist immediately.


Here you can order Tornado air conditioners repair in Jerusalem of any complexity.

We offer impeccable service: it is an individual approach to each client, the use of professional equipment and quality spare parts. Diagnosis, cleaning, filling with freon, adjustment, replacement of parts, dismantling / installation is carried out on site in the shortest possible time.

Main signs of malfunctions

You can be sure that there are problems in the operation of the Tornado air conditioner if

  • The room is not sufficiently cooled.
  • The system turns off before the set time, or the protective circuit breaker trips when it is switched on.
  • Water is dripping from the unit located in the room.
  • On the block installed on the outside of the wall, there are areas with icing.
  • The indoor unit hums, but there is no cold in the room.